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Continuing professional development (CPD)

Continuing professional development (CPD)

CPD is hugely important to a marketer’s on-going development as knowledge quickly becomes out of date. Our Chartered CPD Programme can help you stay ahead throughout your career.

Learning is not just about qualifications and exams. As your career develops, our Chartered CPD Programme ensures your progress will continue to be recognised. Maintaining your CPD within the programme can even enable you to progress to Chartered Marketer status - the mark of an up to date, experienced and qualified professional and the ultimate accreditation for marketers. The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) is the only professional body in the world that can provide this renowned Chartered Marketer status and our Chartered CPD Programme can help you get there!

So what is CPD?

Continuing professional development is:

  • "The conscious updating of professional knowledge and the improvement of professional competences throughout your life."
  • "A commitment to being professional, keeping up to date and continuously seeking to improve."

Benefits of the Chartered CPD Programme:

  • It provides a framework for prioritising, managing and documenting your professional development.
  • It helps benchmark your skills, identify and address any gaps in your knowledge.
  • It provides proof of your commitment and interest in marketing to current and potential employers.
  • It enables you to start working towards Chartered Marketer status - the mark of an up to date, experienced and qualified marketing professional.

How does the Chartered CPD Programme work?

You should complete 35 hours of CPD activities each CPD year (1 July - 30 June). For each CPD year you complete, you will receive a certificate in recognition of your commitment and achievement. You only need to register once, not every CPD year. Any CPD activities that you have completed since becoming a member count towards your 35 hours.

Visit the CPD section on our CIM website for more information to get started.

Chartered Marketer status

The ultimate aim for a marketer is to attain Chartered Marketer status which only CIM can provide. As a Chartered Marketer, you become part of an elite group of over 5,000 marketers around the world, all committed to maintaining the very highest standards in knowledge, ability and experience.

As a Chartered Marketer you can:

  • Enhance your professional status and hence your career prospects.
  • Stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace.
  • Demonstrate cutting edge thinking, qualifications and experience.
  • Anticipate and instigate change.
  • Achieve higher standards of personal performance.
  • Gain networking opportunities with new, influential contacts.

You can achieve Chartered Marketer status through a combination of knowledge, experience and continuing professional development. It is the opportunity to be recognised as achieving the highest level in our profession. Open to all MCIM and FCIM members, Chartered Marketers have an exclusive logo for use on personal stationery to indicate their achievement.

Find out more about becoming a Chartered Marketer.