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Not going to university

Getin2marketing without going to Uni

If you’re a keen talker and a real ‘people's person’, marketing could be the career path for you. It's an industry with a lot of varied roles and positions, which could see you doing many tasks such as organising events or promoting some of the world’s most exciting companies. Being a marketer is all about personal skills: good communication, flexibility, organisation, the ability to work under pressure and to produce creative ideas are all essential.


You may want to get started with professional work or continue to study further or may want to combine both. We are here to support you no matter what your choice.

Become an Affiliate

At The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) we provide you with all the support to get started in this dynamic industry without any previous marketing qualification or work experience. You could become an Affiliate of CIM and make the most of the benefits to get started. You can demonstrate your professional commitment and credibility towards the industry and your prospective employers and peers by becoming a professional member of one of the world’s leading professional marketing body. Find out more about member benefits and becoming an Affiliate.

Continuing your professional development

The Chartered CPD Programme is open to all members, and is a framework that enables you to manage your professional development. Participating in the programme provides a formal recognition for your commitment to staying up to date and improving your knowledge and skills. Find out more about our Chartered CPD Programme.

The ultimate aim for a marketer would be to attain Chartered Marketer status which only CIM can provide. As a Chartered Marketer, you can become a part of an elite group of over 5,000 marketers around the world, all committed to maintaining the very highest standards in knowledge, ability and experience. Find out more about becoming a Chartered Marketer.

Qualify and improve your employability

Although marketing is a professional service, it's one that lends itself well to 'earn while you learn'. Some of the UK’s biggest employers invest heavily in work-based learning and provide great learning opportunities and access to business that some people could only dream of when starting their first job.                                      

Hundreds of companies, large and small, are now recruiting people into their marketing departments from school-level and are helping employees to gain qualifications while in the job. It provides the stepping stones to help you get a qualification to the level that you want and is a real alternative to gaining a degree at university.

For example, CIM’s Introductory Certificate in Marketing helps you to understand the function of marketing and its role in an organisation. It will also help you to understand more about customers and managing customer relationships, as well as being able to communicate to both internal and external customers using a variety of different means. Find out more about our professional qualifications.

What next?

So if you’re tempted by a career in marketing, you can find out more about all the job profiles in marketing as well as salaries offered in this industry. We also have an exhaustive list of work placement resource to help you find more about organisations and agencies that recruit graduates within marketing. Also find out more about skills that employers require at different stages of your career to make sure you have got what it takes to get into marketing.    

Begin your search into the world of marketing. Discover marketing right here.